When In-Laws Become Grandparents

My latest Boston Mamas article “When In-Laws Become Grandparents“ was posted today.

When you have kids, not only do you become a parent, but your in-laws become grandparents — sometimes overzealous ones who suddenly want a lot of contact. This can be fantastic when you are blessed with wonderful in-laws, but I know many people who are not so fortunate — the most common complaint being that the frequent visitation requests become burdensome (e.g., time to tidy the house, make food, explain how to handle things, etc.) rather than fun or helpful. Today I wanted to share 6 things to keep in mind to help you adjust your perspective as everyone tries to sort out their new roles…

Read the rest of the article on Boston Mamas.

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  1. some great tips you pointed out, judy. great guest post on boston mamas. :)

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