Happy Changer, Happy Mama

For about the first year of his life, baby C was an angel during diaper changes. I could take my time cleaning every inch of his adorable little tush, readjusting the fasteners as many times as I wanted until his diaper was on perfectly. My mom would stand by and marvel at how good he was about getting his diaper changed. As a naïve, first-time mom I thought to myself, “Well, of course he is. What else could he do?”

Silly me.

Around the time he turned 10 months, our once easy little baby began to boldly protest every diaper change. As soon as we took off his dirty diaper, he would flail, squirm, wiggle, writhe, and flip over non-stop. Every single diaper change was a battle. Wet diapers were somewhat manageable, but poopy diapers were simply a disaster. It got so bad that I actually had a few nightmares about poop being smeared on my walls and clothes. And of course, above all else, I was really stressed and worried that the baby might fall off the changing table during one of these fits.

Surely I couldn’t be the only mama to have struggled with this so I reached out to my Facebook friends for some advice. People suggested distracting him with toys, singing silly songs, and just using brute force (without hurting him, of course) to keep him lying still. We tried everything. Nothing worked. It became a daily struggle and I was at my wits’ end.

I googled for solutions and somehow (by the grace of God!) happened upon the Hulabye Happy Changer. Invented by Los Angeles physician and momtrepreneur, Erin Kelley, the Happy Changer is a soft fabric vest that secures to a standard contoured changing pad and prevents the baby from rolling over during diaper changes.


Hulabye Happy Changer. Source: www.hulabye.com


Sounds great, but I was skeptical about whether it would actually work for us (after all, Connor is a really big baby). After several months of use, I’m thrilled to report that the Happy Changer has worked wonders for us! I’m not being melodramatic when I say that this is a product that has honestly changed the quality of our daily lives and saved us so much stress and worry.

What I love about it is that it’s so easy to put the baby into the vest and takes only a few seconds. You just slip his arms into the armholes and velcro the fabric across his chest and you’re ready to go. Also, since it’s made of soft flannel, I am confident that it’s not hurting him even though it’s holding him securely. As a neat-freak, I appreciate that it is machine-washable. I also love all the cute patterns it comes in.

I only wish that there were other, different kinds of closures (perhaps snap buttons) in addition to the velcro closures to keep the baby in the vest after he has learned to pull apart the velcro. Now that baby C is 15 months old, he has learned to rip open the vest. It still works for the time being, but I fear that our days of using the Happy Changer may be numbered. Regardless, I would still gladly recommend this fabulous product to any new mama.


Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post; however, I did receive a complimentary Happy Changer from Hulabye for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and I only feature products on Talking Thirty about which I am genuinely enthused.


  1. I would never of imagined a product like this even existed! We went through a period of diaper-changing bliss too. And then all of a sudden, it was craziness at diaper changing time. Especially the dirty ones, I hated struggling with his writhing legs, trying not to smear it everywhere. Sometimes we needed both mom and dad to get involved! We’re happy to report that these days, no problemo. As long as he agrees to the diaper change before hand. Then we just lay the pad on the floor and change away. Still some moving around, but not nearly as bad as before. Though the daycare teachers have asked me if he’s a difficult diaper changer at home. No idea what they’re talking about ;) . Glad you found a product you like! Hopefully you can enjoy it for as long as possible!

  2. As the mother of a marginally fitty baby during diaper changes, I can’t imagine I’d ever consider something like this. (Books, pacifiers and singing are usually good enough distractions through the clean butt stage; after that, I’ll deal with a kid who tries to stand up on his changing table.) That said, every kid is different and every parent has different tolerances for fidgeting kids. So, if this product works for you, that’s great!

  3. kathy says:

    i didn’t have this problem but my friend used to give a much-coveted toy that she hid & used only during diaper changes to her boy to keep him occupied… it totally worked.

    • TalkingThirty says:

      we tried this before we bought the happy changer. we kept buying C those musical cards and he loved them, but would tire of them quickly and throw them to the ground. i now have more musical cards in my house than a hallmark store!

  4. Audrey says:

    What a neat product!

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