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Easter fun

With Valentine’s Day behind us, we have moved on to Easter fun! I saw this idea for an Easter Bunny craft project on Facebook and knew I had to try it with Connor as he’s become very interested in any projects involving glue and pom poms lately. The project is actually made with cotton balls, but he doesn’t need to know that…

I strategically planned for us to make Connor’s foot prints last night right before bath time (and I used Pixlr to get the image to the right shade of pink since we didn’t have pink paint on hand) and then we worked on the rest this morning after breakfast as we chatted away about the Easter Bunny’s visit last year.

I was pleasantly surprised by how carefully Connor placed the cotton balls around the perimeter of the face and the pink of the ears. Unfortunately he lost interest after a while (this thing takes a lot of cotton balls!) so I ended up helping him fill out the tummy.

Easter Bunny craft project for kids

Also check out these little Easter egg cupcakes (carrot cake) I made a while back. Super quick and easy to make and fun to assemble! Will be making these with the little man this weekend, too.

Easter egg cupcakes

Indoor Kids’ Gym in Basement


A few weeks ago, while watching Connor happily run around in an indoor playspace nearby, I casually mentioned to the hubby that I would love to build a kids’ gym in our house so that our super-active toddler could expend more energy on a daily basis (and hopefully put up less of a fight at nap time!).

The conversation ended there and I wasn’t even sure if Jack had heard me.

But earlier this week, Jack surprised Connor (and me!) by turning our basement into an indoor kids’ gym! Check it out!

Indoor Kids' Gym in Basement

So far, the gym has swings, a rock climbing wall, a rope ladder, individual climbing rope, a set of rings/bar combo, a horizontal bar, play parachute, foam building blocks, an obstacle course of tents and tunnels, basketball hoop, oversized tennis balls, and 5 large gymnastics/tumbling mats. Jack also laid large foam tiles on the floor that give them some extra cushion.

One great thing about it is that all of the equipment can be taken down quickly, safely, and easily and the room can be cleared for an impromptu family soccer match. We’re thinking of adding two goals next.

I’m so excited to have a safe place where C can run, climb, swing, and jump and I don’t have to worry about him catching every single virus on earth from other kids during cold/flu season. It certainly came in handy on Wednesday’s snow day when we were all cooped up inside all day and night!

12 Ways to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Check out my latest post on Boston Mamas: 12 Ways to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth.

Pediatric dentists recommend cleaning your children’s teeth as soon as the first baby teeth emerge. According to the CDC, nearly 20% of children 2 and 5 years old already have at least one untreated cavity. Yikes.

Our 2-year-old protested tooth brushing daily until we took him to a pediatric dentist, who shared some useful tips with us. The following is a list of the best tips that we’ve gathered from veteran moms, pediatric dentists, and our own trial and error:

Check out the rest of my post on Boston Mamas.

Mommy Cards Giveaway

Over the past two years or so, there’s this one mom who I have run into everywhere around town. Library, playgrounds, music class, playspace, gym – she’s everywhere. Her little guy is the same age as mine, and they play together beautifully. Although I’ve met tons of other local moms, this mom is the only one I could actually see myself being real friends with.

By now, we know each other’s kid’s names, and have chatted plenty about local kiddie attractions and mommy stuff, but between wrangling two very active toddler boys, there’s just never seems to be enough time for formal introductions or to jot down each other’s email addresses.

So I was really excited when I received this set of personalized mommy cards the other day from Tiny Acorns! How adorable are they?! They are the perfect way to simplify the process of meeting other moms and reduce awkward fumbling for pens and exchanging of contact information.

Tiny Acorns Mommy Card
Visit Tiny Acorns‘ Etsy store to check out some of their other great products, including gift wrap tags, wedding/shower notecards, and thank you notes for kids.

Stephanie at Tiny Acorns has generously offered to give away two sets of mommy cards (one set for the winner and one set for the winner to gift to a friend) to one lucky Talking Thirty reader!

Here’s how to enter:

For your first entry (mandatory), “like” Talking Thirty on Facebook and leave a comment on this post that you’ve done so. If you already “like” Talking Thirty on FB, just leave a comment on this post explaining that.
For additional entries (optional):

  • Visit Tiny Acorns and leave a comment on this blog about your favorite Tiny Acorns product/design.
  • Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter and leave a separate comment on this post that you’ve done so.
  • Share a link to this giveaway on Facebook and leave a separate comment on this post that you’ve done so.US and Canadian entrants ages 18+ are welcome to enter.

    Entry period closes at noon EST, December 10, 2013.

One lucky winner drawn randomly will receive a set of mommy cards for themselves and one additional set to gift to a friend. The winner will be notified directly via e-mail and listed on this blog using first name and last initial only.


(Update on 12/10/13: CONGRATULATIONS TO MARIANNE C., our lucky winner! This giveaway has ended. Thank you to all who entered.)

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post; however, I did receive a complimentary set of mommy cards from Tiny Acorns. All images, thoughts, and opinions in this post are my own and I only feature products on Talking Thirty about which I am genuinely enthused.

10 Great Spots for Family Photos in Massachusetts

Check out my post on Boston Mamas today: 10 Great Spots for Family Photos in Massachusetts.

With Halloween behind us, and the holiday season just around the bend (AHHHH!), I’m sure I’m not the only mom thinking ahead to family photos and holiday cards. If, like me, you prefer natural light portrait photography over indoor photos, there’s still time to head outdoors with the kiddos and take those holiday shots before the serious winter chill arrives. In my Boston Mamas post, I share 10 spots in Massachusetts that offer beautiful backdrops for family photos.

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Halloween Candy Hunt

We had family visiting this weekend so I put together some Halloween activities for C and his older (second) cousins, M and V (ages 4 and 7), including a “Ghost & Witch Hunt” which was really just a hunt for Halloween candy with little ghosts and witches taped to the front. I bought some Halloween-themed scrapbooking paper and was happy to have an excuse to use my 2-inch circle punch.

They all seemed to enjoy it, ran around outside for awhile, and got some fresh air so I considered it a success.

Both of the girls noticed that C, being a little guy, wasn’t as fast as they were at finding the goods so both of them shared some of their candy with C, without being asked by him or prompted by their mom.  Sweet, sweet girls. Loved watching the cousins interact like that.

Halloween candy hunt


Saw this “Boston Strong” pumpkin on my way in to work this morning and pulled over to take a quick pic.

Boston Strong pumpkin Halloween

Hope everyone has a fun, safe Halloween!

Halloween Playdate


It’s FRIDAY! Woo hoo! Hope you all had a superb week. By far, the highlight of our week was hosting Connor’s first Halloween playdate, a costume party with some of his very best pals (and mommy’s very best pals, too!).

Since most of the babies don’t eat solids yet, the menu of morning munchies was mostly geared towards satisfying the moms. We snacked on:
Pumpkin muffins with cream cheese filling,
Caramel pumpkin pie dip with honey graham crackers,
Apple cider from Bolton Spring Farm (the best!),
Fruit salad,
Pumpkin bread and bagels.

I made the Halloween-themed muffin toppers using The Silly Pearl’s Halloween printables and tweaked the colors a little bit to make it a bit more festive.

Halloween Playdate
Thanks to the mommies for allowing me to post the group picture of all our little ones! Have a great weekend!

12 Ways to Manage Screen Time for Kids

Check out my latest post on Boston Mamas, “12 Ways to Manage Screen Time for Kids.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to effectively limit screen time for my toddler. We managed to keep his life screen-free for his first 12 months, but as he gets older, it’s becoming increasingly difficult, especially now that he’s more verbal about his wishes, strong-willed, and adept at manipulating electronic devices on his own (I’m not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed that he’s mastered the Apple swipe!).

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for children under 2 and less than 2 hours per day for older children; a challenging expectation given that we’re parenting in an age in which we constantly encounter electronic media (TVs, smart phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, etc.) at home and in schools, libraries, waiting rooms, gyms, restaurants, etc.

I both want my kid to ultimately be technologically competent (and enjoy the benefits of technology) but I don’t want him to be a couch potato. I decided to query the mom community; what I found was a range of interesting techniques that real families are using to manage screen time in their households.

Head on over to Boston Mamas to read the full post: “12 Ways to Manage Screen Time for Kids.


Thomas the Train Birthday Party

Thomas the Train Birthday Party

Thomas the Train Birthday Party


As usual, I’m a little late in posting these, but just wanted to share some photos from Connor’s 2nd Birthday Party. We just did a small family party this year because he was a little (okay, a lot) overwhelmed by all of the (fabulous) people at his 1st birthday party last year and I wanted this celebration to be about him and the people and things that he loves the most. I think it was a success!

I had so much fun making the cake that I’m considering signing up for a cake decorating class (you know, with all my free time and what not).

Thomas the Train Birthday Cake

Thomas the Train Birthday Cake


Thomas the Train Birthday Cake with Birthday Thomas

Thomas the Train Birthday Cake with Birthday Thomas


My mother-in-law bought Connor an adorable Birthday Thomas train which features Thomas wearing a colorful party hat and streamers. It comes with a cargo car carrying a cake that plays the Thomas theme song when you press it! He loved it! So we ended up using that as the cake topper at the last minute instead of the standard Thomas.

A special thank you to Lisa of ExpandNg who shared her Thomas decorations and graphics from her own son’s Thomas-themed party! She even personalized the graphics with Connor’s name. So sweet and generous with her time and talents! I used them to decorate the party tables, but foolishly forgot to photograph them.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and staying cool in this crazy heat wave! It reached 100 in Boston yesterday! Eeks!

10 Fun Activities for Grandparents + Kids

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Grandparents + Kids - Intergenerational bonds

Many of us have plans to bring our kids to visit their grandparents sometime during the summer. Sometimes it can be challenging to bridge the generation gap and figure out what to do together, particularly if the two generations haven’t had much face time, whether due to distance or other factors. In this post, I offer 10 activities to help break the ice and help grandparents and kids enjoy quality time together and develop strong intergenerational bonds. Read the rest of the article on Boston Mamas.