Baby costumes

I have never really been a Halloween person. Sure, I dressed up, went trick-or-treating, and ate my fair share of KitKats as a kid, but Halloween has just never excited me in the way that it excites others. But now that I have a baby, I simply cannot wait for Halloween! My favorite thing in the whole wide world is babies in costumes. Just makes my heart melt to see their chubby little faces squished into silly little costumes. I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to it.

Last year, we dressed baby C up in a baby lion costume, but Halloween was officially canceled in many Massachusetts towns due to a three-day power outage. Very disappointing for his first Halloween. So we had to settle for taking a few pictures indoors in the dark.


This year, for h
is first REAL Halloween, we’ll be dressing him up in a baby lobster costume. As soon as we brought the costume home, I just couldn’t wait to put him in it. Here’s a sneak peek:


What is your little one going to be for Halloween this year? Are you dressing up, too?


  1. Sorry about the power outage last year! You were troopers for taking photos in the dark! They turned out well. I LOVE the photo of C sitting next to the stock pot! LOL! I wanted to dress J in a Thomas costume but the hubs said fireman instead :( . I don’t think I’ll dress up, you?

    • TalkingThirty says:

      I’m definitely not dressing up, but I am always impressed by those parents who dress up in the same costume theme as their kids (for example, my grad school advisor once dressed up as the Wiggles with his wife and kids). Maybe someday!

  2. I wish I had the enthusiasm about Halloween the way you do. I hate Halloween and am not excited about dressing up Gavin for the holiday. Of course, I’m going to eat my words in future years, because his birthday is in the end of October, which means costume parties for years to come! Until the day he requests a costume (or themed) party, I refuse to participate. That said, he was a frog last year. Not sure what he’ll be this year – I still haven’t bought a costume.

    PS – C is awfully cute as a lobster. Love it!

    • TalkingThirty says:

      Thanks Nilsa! Would love to see a pic of Gavin in his frog costume from last year. I bet he was such a cute little frog! Should I check your archives or did you not post it on the blog?

  3. kathy says:

    it’s amazing how we change when we have kids.

    i used to feel so silly singing kids songs or telling kid stories. now, i’ll suddenly get up, dance and sing the backyardigans theme song in front of my daughter for no reason other than to see her face light up as she scrambles up to join me. it’s awesome.

    those are such cute pics! this year, kayla wants to be a bunny. she’s very specific in how she wants the bunny to look so buying a costume is out of the question and i have to risk actually making it. it won’t be pretty!

    • TalkingThirty says:

      I haven’t been brave enough yet to try to make a costume for C. Can’t wait to see how Kayla’s bunny costume turns out! Good luck!! :)

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